Karen Gross, J.D.


Everett Mansion 210

area of responsibility

    As President of SVC, I think my primary job is to help everyone else on campus do their job very, very well. Another way of describing my position is that I am a "door opener" and a "cheer-leader": I try to create opportunities for students, faculty and staff to succeed, and I regularly tell the institution's story and champion the many wonderful things we do for and with our students.

Courses taught

  • Contemporary Topics in Business: Leadership
  • Financial Advocacy (at New York Law School)

academic Research/interests/expertise

Consumer finance, overindebtedness, community development, asset-building in low-income communities.

Why I like working in an academic setting

I want to leave the next generation in good hands, and I cannot think of a better way of achieving that goal than working in an educational setting. I appreciate working with a group of individuals (our faculty and staff) dedicated to helping students become the leaders of tomorrow.

Favorite Book

Ask me to pick a favorite book is like asking a parent to pick a favorite child. That said, here are my choices.

In terms of my professional development, the most influential book I have read is Carol Gilligan's In a Different Voice. In terms of fiction (and apologies to the many authors I adore), I would select Robertson Davies, The Deptford Trilogy, a series of truly powerful and beautifully written stories.

Favorite film/play/dance/exhibit

Any dance program performed by the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, including "Cry," "Revelations," Firebird" and "Hymn."

Best part of being at SVC

I enjoy, truly enjoy, helping our students succeed--academically, athletically and through community service. The chance to help students prepare for our complex future motivates me to think boldly and creatively about the aims of education and the ways we, as an institution, can help dreams become reality.