Program and Courses

In response to the growing needs of this region and nation to provide a network of health advocates, SVC has established one of the country’s few Bachelor of Science degree programs in Healthcare Management and Advocacy.

Healthcare Management and Advocacy graduates can work in a variety of fields, such as: hospitals, doctor's offices, nursing homes, small clinics, insurance companies, businesses, pharmaceutical companies, and governmental agencies. They can help patients and families navigate the healthcare system and ensure their medical and health needs are met. Healthcare advocates work collaboratively with other healthcare providers to mediate conflict and facilitate positive change.

Our HMA Program integrates analytical discussion of issues that face the nation's healthcare system with hands-on laboratory practica. Students acquire a broad, multidisciplinary knowledge base in a wide variety of subjects including: Psychology, interviewing and counseling, ethics, physiology, statistics, healthcare law, healthcare insurance, management, interviewing, counseling, and social research. The HMA program balances seminar-based studies with on-site supervised training in field placement, which solidifies the student's expertise in their chosen career path

During their senior year, students enroll in Senior Seminar, a Capstone Course designed to consolidate the student’s knowledge and understanding from previous coursework and field experiences. The seminar also serves to strengthen their identity as professional health advocates in preparation for successfully entering and navigating the healthcare arena.

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Program of Study Requirements Credit
General Core Requirements   48
If not met above in General Core
  • Py103 Interviewing and Counseling
  • Py150 Psychology
  • Ma120 College Algebra
  • Hc290 Pre-Practicum
  • Hc480 Practicum
Major Requirements
  • Be245 Organizational Finance
  • Ec200 Macro-Economics
  • Hc101 Introduction to Healthcare I
  • Hc102 Introduction to Healthcare II
  • Hc310 Healthcare Law
  • Hc315 Healthcare Insurance
  • Hc420 Topics in Healthcare Management and Advocacy
  • Mg150 Organizational and Management Theory
  • Mg207 Marketing
  • Py206 Psychology of Adulthood and Aging
  • Py250 Case Management
  • Py315 Ethics in the Helping Professions
  • Py321 Social Research
  • Py415 Conflict Resolution
Six Electives   24
Total Credits 128

The program may be taken on a part- or full-time basis.

Course descriptions can be found in SVC’s online College Catalogue.