Creative Writing

Bachelor of Arts Degree

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing is an innovative program bringing together professional writers, writing specialists and peer writers. This program is designed to prepare students for careers and/or graduate studies in creative writing and related fields, including editing, education, and publishing

This program is set up to first teach the academic skills necessary in a scholarly pursuit of creative writing and then move into a more individualized program where students are able to focus a great deal on honing their writing skills in the discipline of their choosing.

This process is accomplished through the 100- and 200-level courses which introduce students to the various genres and the skills necessary to work within the different writing disciplines. Students also analyze other writers, deepening their understanding of creative writing as both an art form and an effective means of communication. They then move into a series of 300- and 400-level courses which will focus on their own individual skills as writers.  Students work extensively in one or two genres during these final years of undergraduate study and develop the skills necessary to meet their career and educational goals. Students grow these skills through weekly workshops where they create their own work, share their writing with others and provide their peers written and verbal feedback. This process allows students to both be self-directed and stay structured and disciplined through the process. Our goal is to help students find, refine and strengthen their own unique voices.

Learning takes many forms and is not limited to just classroom experiences. Our philosophy is to assist students in discovering what they believe they are meant to write and to help them be the best writers they can be. In addition, we seek to teach students the specific expectations that shape the various genres of creative writing.

Creative Writing Program Objectives

Graduates in Creative Writing will be able to:

1. Demonstrate critical reading skills
2. Develop their own writing across genres
3. Produce, collaborate on, edit, and distribute writing to audiences
4. Demonstrate professional strategies for project management
5. Produce a polished and cohesive body of work through a capstone portfolio

Program of Study

General Core Requirements         48 credits
Creative Writing Major         40 credits
Cw100 Introduction to Creative Writing (4 cr)
Cw200 Introduction to Creative Writing Workshops (4 cr)
Cw/En 215 Writers’ Lives and Work (4 cr)
Cw/En375 Editing and Publication Design (4 cr)
Cw/En407 Theories of Writing OR Cw420 Topics in Creative Writing (4 cr)

Three of the following    (12 cr)
Cw311    Advanced Fiction Writing Workshop I
Cw312    Advanced Nonfiction Writing Workshop I
Cw313    Advanced Play Writing Workshop I
Cw314    Advanced Poetry Writing Workshop I
Cw321    Advanced Fiction Writing Workshop I
Cw322    Advanced Nonfiction Writing Workshop II
Cw323    Advanced Play Writing Workshop II
Cw324    Advanced Poetry Writing Workshop II
Two  Cw and/or En electives (200-400 level) (8 cr)

General Electives              40 credits
Total Credits                   128 credits

Recommended Program Sequence
Students in this degree program will work closely with their academic advisors to create an individualized program sequence.