Creative Writing and English Studies (Bachelor of Arts Degree)

NOTE: Not accepting new students for this major for Fall 2014.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing and English Studies is an innovative program that allows students to focus on a combination of these two distinctive fields in a way that both prepares them for graduate programs in creative writing and literature and careers in the publishing field, education, professional writing and other related fields.  

This program is set up to first teach the academic skills necessary in a scholarly pursuit of creative writing and literary studies and then move into an advanced program where students are able to focus on both the specific types of literature and genres of writing that are of greatest interest to the student. 

This process is accomplished through a careful balance of writing and English courses beginning at the 100- and 200-levels that introduce students to the various genres and the skills necessary to work within the different writing and literary disciplines. Students then move into a series of 300- and 400-level courses which will focus on their own individual skills as writers and their specific interests in literary studies. Students work extensively in areas of specialty during these final years of undergraduate study and develop the skills necessary to meet their career and educational goals. This process allows students to both be self-directed and stay structured and disciplined through the process. Our goal is to help students find, refine and strengthen their own unique voices while simultaneously strengthening their skills in literary analysis and criticism and expand their knowledge of literary studies. 

Learning takes many forms and is not limited to just classroom experiences. Our philosophy is to assist students in discovering what they feel they are meant to do with their professional lives and to help each student meet his or her individual goals.

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All students majoring in Creative Writing and English Studies are required to construct a Major Portfolio. These portfolios will differ according to the individual student’s career and educational goals. The selections of work included will be made by the students and will include both creative work and critical work completed during their college career. The papers, and other work as appropriate, should demonstrate clearly the skills mastered through the student’s academic endeavors at Southern Vermont College. English and Creative Writing faculty will advise and guide students through the process of portfolio construction with an eye on the student’s educational and career goals.


Graduates in Creative Writing and English will be able to:

1.    Discuss literature in a scholarly and professional manner
2.    Demonstrate research abilities
3.    Recognize various forms of written texts
4.    Develop their own writing across genres
5.    Produce, collaborate on, edit, and distribute writing to audiences
6.    Produce a polished and cohesive body of work through a capstone portfolio

Program of Study Requirements Credits
General Core Requirements 48
Program Requirements Creative Writing Core:
  • Cw100 Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Cw200 Introduction to Creative Writing Workshops
  • Cw215 Writers' Lives and Works
  • Cw375 Editing and Publication Design
  • Cw407 Theories of Writing

Choose Two from the following:

Cw312 Advanced Nonfiction Writing Workshop I
Cw313 Advanced Play Writing Workshop I 
Cw314 Advanced Poetry Writing Workshop I
Cw321 Advanced Fiction Writing Workshop II
Cw322 Advanced Nonfiction Writing Workshop II
Cw323 Advanced Play Writing Workshop II
Cw324 Advanced Poetry Writing Workshop II
Cw335 Topics in Creative Writing

English Studies Core:

  • En103 Introduction to Literature 
  • En210 Introduction to Literary History and Theory
  • En304 Shakespeare
  • En318 Literary Criticism

Choose one from the following (Survey of Literature Course)

En203 British Literature I
En204 British Literature II
En205 American Literature I
En206 American Literature II
En220 Modern Poets
En221 Fiction
En222 Drama
En223 Poetry
En250 Environmental Literature
En260 Crime Stories

Choose two from the following (Advanced Study Course):

En305 The Novel: An Exploration
En310 Children's Literature
En311 World Literature
En315 Major Authors: Early Period
En316 Major Authors: Later Period
En317 Major Authors: Modern Period
En320 Literature and Society
En330 Topics in Literature: Early Period
En331 Topics in Literature: Later Period
En332 Topics in Literature: Modern Period
En334 Topics in Literature: Shakespeare Studies
En335 Women's Literature
En435 Topics in Literature of Diverse Cultures and Peoples
En491 Level II Professional Internship
En492 English Practicum
General Electives (choose 6) 24
Total Credits 128