Degree Programs


Division of Business/Professional Studies

The Division of Business/Professional Studies offers baccalaureate degrees in Business Administration and Liberal Arts/Management. Two associate's degrees--Business and Hospitality/Resort Management are also offered. The minors available in the Business/Professional Studies Division include Business, Financial Management, Hospitality/Resort Management, Management, and Public Relations.

Division of Humanities

The Division of Humanities offers baccalaureate degrees in Creative Writing and Literature , English, English/Communications, and Liberal Arts. An associate degree in Liberal Arts is also offered. The minors available in the Humanities Division include Creative Writing and Literature, English, Print Journalism, Public Relations, and Visual Arts.

Division of Nursing

The Division of Nursing offers the Bachelor of Science (BSN) and Associate in Science (ADN) degrees in Nursing.

Division of Science and Technology

The Division of Science and Technology offers the baccalaureate and associate's degrees in Environmental Studies. A minor in Environmental Studies is also offered.

Division of Social Sciences

The Division of Social Sciences offers baccalaureate degrees in Criminal Justice, Human Services, Pre-Law, and Psychology. Three associate degrees--Child Development, Criminal Justice, and Human Services--are also offered. The minors available in the Social Sciences Division include Child Development, Corporate Security, Criminal Justice, Gerontology, History and Politics, Human Services, and Psychology.

In addition to the College's degree programs listed above, the College offers a number of support services and programs including our ACTion Program and Continuing Education Program which offers Life Experience Credit.