Pre-Professional Programs

Many career fields require specialized undergraduate preparation or a post-baccalaureate degree from a graduate or professional program. SVC has agreements with graduate and professional schools and training programs that allow SVC graduates to receive a bachelor degree from SVC while gaining valuable professional experience and in many cases to accelerate the time to degree completion.

SVC pre-professional programs include:

  • Law School Preparation Program
  • Masters of Business Administration, Graduate College of Union University
  • Professional Studies
  • Master in Occupational Therapy, Sage Graduate School
  • Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Track, Vermont Policy Academy

Law School Preparation Program

Pre-Law is no longer the preferred route to enter law school. Law schools are looking for applicants who have a baccalaureate degree in a liberal arts discipline with a curriculum that emphasizes:

  1. effective written and oral communication;
  2. development of an understanding of human institutions and values that influence the establishment of laws and legal practice; and
  3. development of creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

More information on law school admissions can be obtained from the Association of American Law Schools at its Web site,

Law schools look for an undergraduate academic program that emphasizes course work in the social sciences including history and politics, English and quantitative analysis through the study of mathematics, statistics and the sciences. Students are also encouraged to take courses in economics, accounting, and financial management.

Law school applicants are evaluated for the intellectual potential to do law school level course work (undergraduate major, minor, and electives; cumulative GPA; and LSAT score); the character to meet the professional and ethical standards of practicing law; and internship or work experience in a legal setting.

Law School Preparation

A student seeking a career in law is encouraged to:

  1. select a major in English, Psychology, Liberal Arts, or History and Politics;
  2. consider electives from the following: Ac101, Ac102, Ec202, Ev303, Ev308, Ev405, Hp200, Hp201, Hp206, Hp207, Hp208, Hp209, Hp210, Ma202, Ma203, Mg303, Mg307, Mg320 or any 300 or 400 level En, Hp, Py or IT courses; and
  3. participate in an internship or practicum experience in a legal setting.

Bachelor Degree for Law School Preparation

Program of Study Requirements Credits
General Core Requirements 45
Major Courses
  • English
  • History and Politics
  • Liberal Arts
  • Psychology
Minor (optional) 18
Electives 36-39
Total for degree 120

Suggested course sequence would follow that of the chosen major.

Management in selected Allied Health and Professional Fields (Professional Studies)

This degree is a bachelor completer degree for graduates of associate degree programs in Radiologic Technology, allied health fields or other professional degree programs such as Mortuary Science seeking careers requiring an academic background in management. Students must be graduates of an associate degree program to be considered for acceptance into this program. There is no direct entry into this program.

Details of degree requirements and additional information see the degree description in The McCormick Division of Business section in this catalogue.

Graduate College of Union University Accelerated Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Southern Vermont College has an agreement with the Graduate College of Union University through which graduates of SVC who have taken a select group of business and management courses at SVC and receive a required cumulative grade point average can qualify for advanced standing and/or early entry into the Union MBA program. Students who meet the requirements do not have to take the GMAT, but may choose to do so to be eligible for scholarships. A student can reduce the time to an MBA by up to one year of course work of a two-year program. For additional information see the degree description in The McCormick Division of Business section in this catalogue.

Master in Occupational Therapy

Through an agreement with the Sage Graduate College whereby a graduate of SVC with a bachelor degree which includes required prerequisites with the required grades in all courses; receives the required grades in science courses; maintains the required minimum CGPA of 3.0 will be admitted to the Master's in Occupational Therapy Degree Program. For additional information go The John Merck Division of Science and Technology Section of this catalogue.

Career as a Police Officer: Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Track

Through an agreement with the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council a small number of SVC students enrolled in the Criminal Justice program may be enrolled in the Vermont Police Academy in order to become eligible to be police officers in the State of Vermont. Candidates must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in Criminal Justice and meet all other requirements for entrance into the academy. Students interested in this option should contact the SVC Criminal Justice advisor. For additional information, go The Donald Everett Axinn Division of Social Sciences section of this catalogue.

Career in Human Services

Students seeking a career working in community social service agencies, public assistance agencies, nonprofit public organizations, employee assistance agencies, addiction centers, counseling centers and other settings that provide services to individuals and families should major in Psychology, Track B. For additional information go to The Donald Everett Axinn Division of Social Sciences section of this catalogue.