A Letter From The Provost

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Dear SVC Student,

I am delighted that you are a part of our learning community at Southern Vermont College. As Provost, I am writing to inform you that you will find the faculty and staff at SVC to be knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated to your success.

Among the SVC faculty are practicing and publishing scholars, funded researchers, artists, writers, nurses, radiologists, and entrepreneurs. Naturally, all of our faculty care deeply about the subjects that they teach. Just as importantly, we all serve as mentors for you as you travel deeper and deeper into these subject areas, and we all care deeply about your successes after you graduate.

In addition to the excellent instruction you will receive from our faculty, our staff is committed to your academic, social, and physical well being. We have in place numerous ways for you to achieve success inside and outside the classroom, in the Field House or on the playing field, and in the campus and civic communities.

We also care deeply about the careers that you will take on after you leave SVC. Accordingly, many of our majors and minors have well-established internship programs, which are required of some programs, optional for others. Of course, Nursing majors and Radiologic Sciences majors are required to undertake clinical practice in hospitals or other healthcare facilities.

I want to congratulate you on your choice to study and to learn at Southern Vermont College. SVC is a special place, and your being here will ensure that it continues to be special. Please drop by my office whenever you wish to say hello, to discuss SVC, or to ask a question about your program of study. My door will always be open to you.

With all good wishes for your success,

Dr. Albert C. DeCiccio

Dr. DeCiccio spoke on "The Aims of Education" at the Fall 2008 Opening Convocation. Read a transcript on "The Aims of Education: Wake Eager from Dreams, Enter the Conversation, Know the Other, and Transform Communities (86 KB).