Diana Rusakovich

Hometown: Auburn, MA
Major: Nursing
Year: Senior

Diana Rusakovich was determined to follow in her mother’s footsteps, pursuing a degree in nursing, with a small college that was located close to home in Auburn, MA. Diana’s goal is to earn an associate’s degree and to continue her education towards a bachelor’s degree. As part of her school curriculum, Diana works part time at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center in Bennington as a Patient Care Assistant in the emergency ward.

During Fall 2012, Diana was able to put her healthcare skills to work. While having lunch at a local restaurant, a patron went into cardiac arrest. A waitress had noticed that Diana was wearing a clinical nursing uniform and rushed to Diana for assistance. Diana immediately administered CPR and stayed with patient until emergency medical technicians arrived on the scene to treat the individual.

In Diana’s spare time, she enjoys riding her horse, Cameo, dining at downtown eateries and taking “cold pond walks” near Hunter Hall. Diana and her mother enjoy fishing, a tradition they keep alive after Diana’s dad had passed away when Diana was just seven years old. When Diana has free time, she loves to travel and has visited places such as Ireland, the Caribbean, and a number of states in the South and Midwest.

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