Kathleen Babcock

Vernon, Ct.
Business Administration

Kathleen Babcock’s internship with Kraft Foods this past summer gave the Business Management major “solid experience in sales, marketing and merchandising.” Kathleen, a junior from Vernon, Ct., knows the Kraft experience, along with her participation in Southern Vermont College’s Build the Enterprise entrepreneurship training program, will help her be more marketable. “After some training in products and sales at Kraft, I was given the full responsibility of calling on retail accounts in specific sales territories across New England,” she said. “I hope that this internship will lead to a full-time position with the company upon graduation.” Kathleen is also excited to be part of the College’s Kindle Project, where students use their e-Readers for all classroom work. “Having a Kindle is so much fun and so easy!” Kathleen reported. 

Kathleen came to Southern Vermont College in the fall of 2007, drawn into the location, setting and warm presence of the small community. She is currently active in the campus’s College Against Cancer Club, as well as the campus volunteer organization, The Moose Corps. Kathleen also serves as a Community Advisor in Ellinwood, one of the six residence halls on campus.

Kathleen remarks, “I didn't originally choose business as my major, however once I realized all the opportunities and endless career paths ahead of me, it seemed like a great idea to pursue a degree in business. Throughout my jobs and internships, I feel that business is a great fit for me. I enjoy working with people and being part of a team as well as a good challenge and the feeling of success.”



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