20 Ways That You Can Support SVC

  1. Make an annual gift.
  2. Ask your employer if they would be willing to hire one or more interns from SVC.
  3. Host students and faculty members participating in a class trip.
  4. Encourage your friends’ and neighbors’ children to apply for admission to SVC (they can earn a scholarship in return via the Alumni Referral Scholarship Program).
  5. Ask your employer if they would be willing to donate new or used equipment to the College.
  6. Speak to a class about your area of professional expertise.
  7. Ask your employer if they would consider making an annual gift in support of an area of study of direct interest to the company.
  8. Coordinate alumni activities in your area.
  9. Organize a group of fellow graduates to contact state and federal legislators about the need for supporting higher education.
  10. Lead a small fundraising effort for your favorite academic department or division.
  11. Volunteer in the library or other areas of your college where your skills and experience may be helpful.
  12. Join the SVC Booster Club and support the Athletic Department in its efforts to improve opportunities for student-athletes.
  13. Keep the college updated with your address, e-mail, phone number and personal successes.
  14. Wear your school colors and SVC clothing to community events.
  15. Volunteer for the Mountaineer Alumni Admissions Program (MAAP) and represent SVC at college fairs in your area.
  16. Name Southern Vermont College in your will.
  17. Volunteer to serve on the Alumni Association Board and provide staff with feedback on all areas of the College.
  18. Attend Homecoming and Reunion.
  19. Check out the college website at least once a month.
  20. Volunteer to be a class agent and reach out to your classmates. You can encourage them to support the Southern Vermont College Fund and collect updates for inclusion in The Chronicle.