Hu320 Non-Western Art 4 credits
The western academic tradition has long championed the art and culture associated with Western Civilization as a way for students to learn about the compelling great works, including visual art, architecture, literature, music, theater and dance that communicate the multitude of human values and traditions of human thought and action. Non-Western Art seeks to restore the balance of the entire human experience as expressed through the arts to the global view of the human experience rather than the traditional cultural study of only western culture. The course offers students the opportunity to learn about, appreciate the intrinsic value and critically begin to understand the art, architecture, literature and other cultural expressions produced by non-western cultures over a length of time equal to that in the west. The course covers a range of cultures: Islamic, African, Central Asian and Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Native American. Opportunities for students to encounter the aesthetics and purposes of key works serves as a framework for critical discussion, appreciate intrinsic value, apply analysis, and factual learning though learning and writing modes practiced in this course. Prerequisite: Successful completion of En102 or En150 or approval of Division Chair.

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