Nu250 Adult Health Nursing 4 credits
(ADN Curriculum)
This course focuses on the etiologic, symptomalogic, and pathologic aspects of selected human diseases across the life span. Concepts of health promotion, disease prevention, disease progression, and treatment are approached from a cellular and multisystem perspective. Application and analysis of the therapeutic management of complex health issues are applied to clients across the lifespan. A focus is on family education, cultural competency, and sensitivity to values and ethical concerns. Nu250 builds upon concepts and practice introduced in Nu101, Nu150, and Nu200, while incorporating advanced level of practice and complex patient populations. The problem- solving process, the Nursing process, and the ability to think critically continue to be developed in each Nursing course. The more complex patient is studied and the concepts of health promotion, disease prevention, and multisystem issues are the focus of planning of care. (90 hours of clinical per semester.) Prerequisite: Nu201 with a minimum grade of C+.

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