Nu230 Pediatric Nursing 4 credits
(ADN Curriculum)
This is a portion of the capstone course of the entry-level Nursing program.  Students are introduced to the healthcare practices for the pediatric population, with increased focus on family-centered care across the life span. In the clinical setting, students demonstrate an ability to apply the Nursing process to the care of individuals and families.  Skill development reflects those psychomotor skills necessary for technical Nursing care and skills necessary for critical thinking, therapeutic communication and teaching/learning, with an introduction to leadership skills.  In this course, students are introduced to the practice of Nursing in the home and community-based settings. At the completion of this course, students are poised to become caring and reflective members of the profession of Nursing. (90 clinical hours per semester.)  Prerequisites:  Nu200 and Nu201 with a minimum grade of C+; Nu210 and Nu250 with a minimum grade of C+.

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