Nu421 Community and Public Health Nursing 4 credits
(BSN Curriculum)

Students in this course will identify the role of Nursing in promoting population health.  Students will develop skills and knowledge to assess population level determinants of health and will utilize public health benchmarks and appraisal of efficacy of interventions to design public health interventions. In community, clinical settings, students will engage both population health concepts as well as best practices for direct care in promoting health to community settings. Students will also focus on family and other environmental systems. Particular focus will be placed on developing assessment skills, compassion, and expression of caring through understanding of lived experience of health and illness in the community. Students will gain exposure to diverse Nursing roles in community settings, will explore realms of intervention in Nursing care in the community, and will relate community health concepts to Nursing professional ethics and the concept of the nurse-citizen. Students will develop knowledge, skills, and disposition to work with others who serve communities and to engage health policy work to serve communities. The concepts of environment, systems, and upstream nursing theory will be integrated into course content. (45 clinical hours.) Prerequisite: seventh semester.

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