Nu211 Foundations of Professional Nursing      4 credits
(Pre-Licensure BSN Track)

Students in this course will establish a foundation in nursing ethics, values, accountability, role, empowerment, nursing process and professional standards. The concepts of:  health, determinants of health and lived experience will be examined from individual to population level perspectives. The role of prevention in nursing practice will be identified. Introductory content will build a framework for beginning engagement of evidence based practice, culturally congruent practice, communication skills and practice for quality and safety in healthcare. Beginning psychomotor skills in nursing assessment, documentation, communication, infection control and safe patient handling will be taught in a laboratory and community settings. Ongoing development of critical thinking and reflective practice in nursing will be identified and supported in this course. (15 hours of lab + 15 hours of clinical) Prerequisites: En101 English Comp I, Py150 Psychology, Ns240 Microbiology; co-req So250 Race, Ethnicity, Gender & Class.

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