The Armstrong Family

Healthy dinners are a priority for this Bennington family.  Mary, who once attended SVC, ensures that fish is incorporated at least or twice in her family’s weekly meals.  Together with Ted, Corey and Haley they enjoy dinner conversations where they have fun and talk about “whatever.”

The Baldic Family

As SVC alumni, Tim and Annette are right at home when visiting the campus although it has been some time since they have eaten in the campus dining hall.  The key to their at-home meals with Anthony and Annah is variety.  Recently, Annah has perfected a special honey mustard chicken dish that gets a thumbs-up from her family.

The Haskell Family

Although steak and potatoes and pasta are favorite meals, this busy family admits that “grab and go” food and quick microwave dinners often end up in their meal plan.  Carrie, Jessica, and Morgan are excited to participate in CCDS and look forward to spending time on the SVC campus and sharing family dinners with the students.

The Ostrander Family

After a relaxing summer and a hectic start to the fall season, Terri, Duffy, Olivia and Emily are looking forward to the relaunch of the CCDS project.  As our only returning family, they were pleased to refer some of this year’s families to the project and anxious to meet their new students and “get back on track” with healthy meal planning.

The Romac Family

Like most families, this family of four — Mike, Alicia, Alex and Rebecca — have an active household with busy schedules.  However, when all family members are together mealtimes include special favorites like Mike’s shepherd’s pie.

The Saunders Family

As a busy high school senior who also works part-time, Kailyn has learned the value of hard work and focus from her parents, Nancy and Rodney.  She and her family are looking forward to meeting SVC students and learning about the college enrollment process.