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Scott David Stein, MS

chair, Assistant Professor, the Donald Everett Axinn Division of Social Sciences

Everett Mansion 360


Teaching experience


Research interests

Cognitive Behavioral Theory and Practice. I’m also fascinated with the impact social and environmental forces may have on the way we think and behave.

Why I teach

There is no better feeling than watching a student evolve from being a collector of information to becoming a consumer of knowledge. My all-time favorite students are those who disagree with me and provide well thought-out arguments to support their opinions.

Favorite Book/Movie

Any movie where the characters are portrayed as struggling with their own psychological issues. A class, and one of my all-time favorites, is The Caine Mutiny.

Best part of being at SVC

The small size of the school allows me to work closely with the students. I often find myself becoming vested in the student’s success. Then, when that success happens, I know I directly contributed to his or her accomplishments.


May 2009 - Participated in the "Creative Leadership with Limited Resources" workshop in Cambridge, Mass. (sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges).