Presidential Speeches and Articles

The following is a list of recent speaking engagements and articles written by SVC President Karen Gross:

december 2014

Op-ed in Bennington Banner - "A president receives a gift"

Commentary in VTDIGGER.ORG - "Can Civic Engagement Help Millennials Get Jobs?" -

Comment in NationalJournal: "Civic Engagement Can Help Millennials Get Jobs" -


Blog in Huffington Post: "When Does a College's Obligation to Its Students End?" -

TIME Online: Five Best Ideas of the Day: November 4 -

INSIDE HIGHER ED: "Graduation Shouldn't Be Endpoint" - Co-authored by President Gross and Director of Mountaineer Scholars Program/Diversity Initiatives Ivan Figueroa -

Blog in Huffington Post: "Headed Down the Up Escalator: Why Education is Failing Our Students" -

october 2014

Blog in Huffington Post: "Rinse and Repeat Does Not Work for College Admissions: A Call for Change" -

august 2014

Blog in Huffington Post: "Football and Higher Education: Presidents Need to Speak Up and Speak Out" -

june 2014

Blog in Huffington Post: "What Is the Value of a Liberal Arts Education? The Answer Is an Open Book" -

Blog in Huffington Post: The Student Loan Problem: The KISS Solution -

VTDIGGER.ORG - Commentary on "Karen Gross:The KISS Solution to the student loan problem -

may 2014

Inside Higher Ed: "Student Loans: Yes, Something is Wrong"

april 2014

VTDIGGER.ORG - Commentary on "Karen Gross: Five Ways to Make College More Friendly to Veterans" -

"Research Symposium on Student Debt" in Boston - jointly run by National Consumer Law Center and Suffolk Law School. Panel titled "Innovations," and a paper presented on "Rethinking a College's Obligations to its Graduates and their Debt Loads."

march 2014

Inside Higher Ed: "Student Loans I: Yes, Something is Wrong" -

Blog in Huffington Post Women: "The Impact of Speaking Out: When Silence Stopped Being Golden" -

The New England Journal of Higher Education: "Leveraging Up Summers on Campus; Avoiding Lost Opportunities" -

The Hechinger Report: "The flawed conversation on the cost of U.S. higher education" -

Blog in Huffington Post: "Developing Leadership Within the Academy: Mystery and Misunderstanding" -

february 2014

The New England Journal of Higher Education: "Small Colleges Need "Gold Medal Selfies" -

january 2014

Great Education Debate Panel at Emma Willard School, Troy, N.Y.
Topic: In an age of Google, how much does one need to know?

december 2013

Blog in Huffington Post: "The Power of Small -- In Education and in Medicine" -

november 2013

President Gross's Article in Burlington Free Press: "My Turn" Can robots replace real nurses?"

Blog in Huffington Post: "When the Buzzer Sounds: Basketball, Giving and Thanks" -

Blog in Huffngton Post: "Google Gives Information: Knowledge Promotes Empowerment" -

october 2013

Blog in Huffington Post: "Health Care and Education Reform: Double Trouble" -

Gross: The government shutdown as a teachable moment -

september 2013

Blog in Huffington Post: "Re-Thinking Orientation for Veteran Students on our Campuses" -

august 2013

Inside Higher Education: "Ratings Are Not So Easy" -

july 2013

Burr and Burton Community Gathering on Challenges of Students Living in Poverty in VT, Manchester, VT. Topic: The Educational Pipeline

june 2013

Rotary International, Bennington, VT. Topic: The State of Higher Education

Institute for Student Achievement Leadership Conference, Uniondale, NY. Topic: Vulnerable Student Success Across Educational Pipeline

Association of VT Independent Colleges Presidents' Meeting, Northfield, VT. Topic: Lessons Learned in DC

NASPA Workshop on Veteran Success, Castleton, VT. Topic: Redesign of the Transition Assistance Program

april 2013

Vermont Campus Compact Conference on Access and Success, Burlington, VT. Topic: Approaches to Community Engagement

March 2013

US Department of Education, Topics: Veterans' Success on America's Campuses; Grit, Resiliency and Beyond

ACE Executive Search Roundtable Panelist, Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, DC. Topic: Leading in a Time of Change

february 2013

Council of College and Military Educators 40th Annual Symposium, San Diego, CA; theme: Building Bridges to Success through Education for the Military Community


During 2012, Karen Gross gave a series of speeches and conducted roundtable discussions in her role as Senior Policy Advisor, US Department of Education. Organizations for these events included: American Legion, Military Bases across the US, Education Finance Council, and college/universities.

During 2012, Karen Gross wrote a series of blogs for the US Department of Education which appear on the Department's Web site or the Office of the Undersecretary Web site.

December 2012

World Bank Working Group on Insolvency of National Persons. Topic: Contextualizing Insolvency Systems


Council of Independent Colleges, Presidents' Institute, Marco Island, FL, Panel: Strategies for Vulnerable Student Success

September 2011

Workshop at Maple Street School in Manchester, VT, on "Demystifying College Applications, Admissions & Financial Aid: The Top Eight Myths."

august 2011

Financial Education Summer Training 2011 Conference in Albany, NY, Keynote presenter. Topic: Making Higher Education Possible: Financing Tips and Strategies for Students and Their Families

The New England Journal of Higher Education, article: "Helicopters, Lawn Mowers or Down-to-Earth Parents? What Works Best in Higher Education." 

July 2011

Response to Boston Globe article: "Uncertainties over US aid vex students" in Boston Globe at

june 2011

Vermont Association of University Women, Brattleboro Branch, Putney, VT. Topic: Leadership Lessons

may 2011

Burlington Free Press, Op-Ed article: "My Turn: College payoff: Yes, it matters." 

The New England Journal of Higher Education, article: "Saving Pell Grants in an Era of Cost Cutting." Read more at (reprinted in the Providence Journal on May 13, 2011.

Response to The New York Times Question: How Good Are American Colleges? at

The New England Journal of Higher Education, article: "Saving Pell Grants in an Era of Cost-Cutting." Read more at

American Association of University Women (AAUW) Meeting, Putney Inn, Putney, Vt. Topic: Vulnerable Student Success: Strategies for the Future

December 2010

Blog in Pearson Learning Solutions entitled "Making Good on the Promise of Higher Education in Vermont - Part II & III" by Karen Gross and Albert DeCiccio. Read more at

november 2010

Blog in Pearson Learning Solutions entitled "Making Good on the Promise of Higher Education in Vermont - Part I" by Karen Gross and Albert DeCiccio. Read more at Also online in Spring 2010.

october 2011

Casey Family Services Diversity Conference, Concord, NH. Topic: College Completion and Vulnerable Students; the Credit Card Act of 2009 and its Impact on Students

september 2011

Rotary Club, South Burlington, VT. Topic: Helping Vulnerable Students Progress to and Through College

august 2010

Union Graduate College Conference on Women, Management and Leadership. Spoke on "How Women Think About and Handle Money: Leadership Implications."

JUNE 2010

Article: "College Tries "Mini-mesters" and More to Improve Readiness" by Karen Gross and Albert DeCiccio. Read more at

The Maple Street School, Manchester, VT, Commencement Address

may 2010

Windham World Affairs Council, Brattleboro, VT. Topic: Micro-Lending and Credit Cards: Parallels and Differences Across the Globe

april 2010

Coalition for Debtor Education and Fordham Law School, New York, NY, Panel Moderator. Topic: Cities as a Source of Consumer Protection


Latino New York Magazine, Education issue, article: "College Success for Hispanic Students: Some in the Trenches Suggestions"  

February 2010, article: "Cheers and Cautions on Credit Cards." Read more at, article: "Lessons from a Super Loss." Read more at

MARCH 2010

Association of Governing Boards Roundtable (with Trustee Raymond Lenoue). Topic: The Role of the Board in Successful College Turnarounds

University College London, UK. Topic: The New Credit Card Act of 2009 and its Impact

january 2010

Council of Independent Colleges, Marco Island, FL, Panel Moderator: The Role of the President in Collegiate Athletics

november/december 2009

Change Magazine, Article: "Pausing, Pondering, and Partnering: Communicating in Financially Challenging Times."  Read more.

november 2009

Independent Educational Consultants Association, Fall Meeting, Charlotte, NC. Topic: How to Advise Families about Financial Issues

Canadian Financial Aid Administrators, Edmonton, Canada. Topic: Teaching and Learning about Financial Issues

october 2009 Topic: Consumer Financial Agency (audio) 

New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE), Respondent, Plenary Session, Boston, Mass. Topic: Higher Education's New Realities in this Economy 

College Board Forum, Education and the American Future, Panelist, New York, N.Y.Topic: How to Improve Financial Literacy Skills on Campus

june 2009

Rural Family Economic Success Institute, Concord, NH. Topic: College for First Generation Students

Vermont Professional Responsibility Board Annual Meeting, White River Junction, VT. Topic: "Law's Role in a Troubled Economy: Savior? Sinner? Or Something Else?

Eighth World INSOL International Quadrennial Congress, Vancouver, Canada. Topic: Consumer Credit Counseling

MAY 2009 dated May 26, article: "Lessons Learned, Now That It's Over...." Read more at

Burr & Burton Academy, Manchester, VT. Topic: What You and Your College-bound Student Should Know About Finances

april 2009

Guest Teaching: "Consumer Bankruptcy" at University of Maine School of Law

The New England Journal of Higher Education, article: "Creating a Retention Quilt: Southern Vermont College reports on results from the trenches," written by President Karen Gross, Provost Al DeCiccio and Dean of Students Anne Hopkins Gross. Read more.

MARCH 2009 dated March 16, article: "What Was I Thinking?" Read more or

Rivier College, Nashua, NH. Topic: Women, the Current Economy and the Language of Money


Philadelphia Higher Education Network for Neighborhood Development, Philadelphia, PA, Keynote address: Speaking Money's Language

Coalition of Debtor Education-Financial Literacy for Women Workshop, Bennington, VT. Topic: Psychology of Teaching about Money

JANUARY 2009 dated January 23, article: "A President Reenters the Classroom. Why?" Read more or

The Chronicle of Higher Education dated January 23, article by Karen Gross and Anne Myrka: "'Roving' Interdisciplinary Professors"  

Manchester Journal dated January 16, article: "A late-in-life friendship." Read more.

Change: The Magazine of Higher Education, article: "We Miss You in the Academy,"


Vermont Business Magazine, article: "Is Undergraduate Education the Next Endangered Species?"  

November 2008

Vermont Jumpstart Coalition Annual Conference, Burlington, VT. Keynote address: Learning Money's Language

American Association of University Women, Bennington Chapter, Bennington, VT. Topic: Women and Money: Learning the Needed Language

Common $ense 4th Annual Personal Finance Conference for Teachers and Parents at Sheraton Hotel, South Burlington, Vt.


University College, London, UK. Topic: Bankruptcy as Social Policy

fall 2008

Article: "LA INSOLVENCIA DE LOS CONSUMIDORES EN EL DERECHO DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS," appearing in a book titled "EL FUTURO DE LA PROTECCIÓN JURÍDICA DE LOS CONSUMIDORES" (Jorge Tomillo Urbina, Director), published in 2008 by Thomson/Civitas.

August 2008 - Welcoming a New Provost, in 3 Months or Less - co-written by Karen Gross and Provost Al Deciccio.

june 2008 

New England Association for College Admission Counseling, Colchester, VT. Topic: How Small High Schools and College Benefit Students

Pennsylvania Association for College Admission Counseling Annual Meeting, Harrisburg, PA. Topic: How Small Colleges Benefit Students and How to Get "B" Students Admitted

may 2008 - Doctor of Humane Lettuce 

Independent Educational Consultants Association Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN. Topic: The Value of Small College and How to Find the Students Best Suited to Them

Commencement Address, The Hoosac School, Bennington, VT.

April 2008
Police Those Credit Cards: Via the Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights, the U.S. should regulate the industry to protect consumers from sudden rate increases such as those recently imposed by Bank of America, which more than doubled rates for certain cardholders. Pro or con?
Pro: Fine Print Is Useless - by Karen Gross

Canadian Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, British Columbia, Canada. Workshops on Money Issues Affecting Students.

Casey Family Services Diversity Conference, New Hampshire. Topic: How Small Colleges Benefit First Generation Students; Understanding Money's Language

March 2008

Small Board School Association Annual Meeting, Rectory School, Pomfret, CT. Topic: Small Colleges and the Benefits They Offer

january 2008

"What's in a name: Provost or Dean?" by Karen Gross


"Consumer Credit Card Use: The Roles of Creditor Disclosure and Anticipated Emotion" (with Richard Wiener, Susan Block-Lieb et al), Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 13(1), 32

November 2007

Success Magazine, "Small School Big Ideas"

October 2007

National Community Tax Coalition, 6th Annual Conference, Denver, CO. Keynote address: The Language of Money

Association of the Bar of the City of New York, Committee on Career Advancement, New York City, NY. Panel Discussion on Using a Law Degree in Academia

Fall 2007

The Yearbook of Consumer Law 2008, "Expanding the use of Credit Reports and Credit Scores: The need for Caution and Empiricism"

September 2007

Southern Vermont College - Fall Convocation, "The Aims of Education." Read a transcript of The Aims of Education (106KB)

August 2007

Read a transcript of Finding Success in Many Places and Spaces (101KB).

July 2007

Law & Society Association, Consumer Bankruptcy Roundtable, Baltimore, MD. Topic: Financial Literacy, Credit Counseling and Disclosure: Current Initiatives (July 2006). IRC Meeting, Berlin, Germany, Discussant/Moderator

June 2007

Campus Compact Network Meeting, Salve Regina University, Newport, RI. Topic: A Dialogue With Presidents About Their Priorities And The Context For The Engaged Campus

The Hoosac School, Bennington, VT, Commencement Address

April 2007

University of Cantabria, Santander, Spain. Topic: Bankruptcy Laws in the US: Lessons Learned

March 2007

Canadian Annual Insolvency Law Conference, Montreal, Canada. Topic: Credit Counseling in the US: What We Have Learned

North Adams Transcript, Guest Column: Top 10 principles for financial health

February 2007

North Adams Transcript, Guest Column: Academic $ense Financial Literacy 101

Bennington Banner, Guest Column: An expensive opportunity

November 2006

Nottingham Trent University, Faculty Presentation, Nottingham, UK. Topic: The Language of Money and Why It Matters

Lancaster University Law School, Faculty Presentation, Lancaster, UK. Topic: Be Careful What You Wish For: The American Bankruptcy Experience

American Association of University Women, Bennington, VT, Branch. Topic: Teaching Women to Speak Money's Language and Why It Matters

Vermont Student Assistance Corporation, Annual Meeting, Burlington, VT. Topic: Learning to Speak Money's Language: Techniques, Tips and Takeaways

New York State Financial Aid Administrators Conference - Graduate Session, Lake Placid, NY. Topic: Financial Literacy Education for Graduate Students

Southern Vermont College Inaugural Speech:

October 2006

Black Accountants of Northern New Jersey, Newark, NJ. Topic: Dissecting a Credit Card Agreement

University of Hull, Hull, UK. Topic: The Changing Nature of Legislation in the US: Bankruptcy Law as Paradigm

September 2006

International Bar Association Meeting, Chicago, IL. Topic: Women Lawyers and How to Market to Clients