Step 1 - Visioning and Defining You as the Product

As the job seeker, you must have a “vision” of you as a product. In other words, who are you and what skills and talents are you taking into the job market that will sell? Let me emphasize that this takes time and effort; it is not something on which most job seekers spend enough time as they rush to get themselves “out there” on the market when beginning the job search.

In the larger context of career decision, this process involves assessment, introspection and reflection before coming to any accurate definition of the “product.”

Once you have taken this step, you are ready to translate that assessment into goals and objectives that will assist you in bringing your product to market. What do those goals and objectives look like?

For the job seeker, they entail getting as close to what you enjoy as possible in a job that will occupy close to 50% of your waking life! Defining what you enjoy provides the foundation upon which a list of 10 key items you are seeking in a job can be built. We’ll call it your “Top 10 List.” Let’s explore the importance of this list for it is crucial to:

  • Ultimate satisfaction from work
  • Your success in that work

Would you agree that these two things are important to you?

Building the Top 10 List

First, the “Top 10” list defines for others, as well as yourself, just what it is you are seeking. The value that it has for others will be explored in an upcoming section of this workshop but the importance for you to know and be able to articulate during your job search exactly what you are seeking is critical to finding it! Elements of this list might include, but are not limited to:

  • Location, (for cost of living comparison)
  • Industry type
  • Organizational type (for profit, not for profit, non profit)
  • Business type (mfr., distribution, etc.)
  • Responsibilities you seek
  • Company culture (values and ethics)
  • Management style of your boss
  • Compensation and benefits, (for salary ranges)
  • Other items important to you.