Residence Life Staff

Corie Steinke 

Why do you like working in Student Life? 

I like working in Student Life, because this time in a person's life is so exciting. The time you spend in college is all about exploring and figuring yourself out before reality and responsibilities of adulthood really set in. I'm very fortunate I get to make a career out of helping people find their passions and callings.

What do you like best about SVC? 

The thing I like best about SVC is how small the community is. It's very easy to get to know people here, both staff and students, and it's also very easy to be innovative and forward thinking. I also like being able to look outside my building and see beautiful scenery. 

Random fun fact about you? 

2 things: I played piano for 15 years and I LOVE bacon. I even have a bacon scented candle.

Jeff Sawyer

Why do you like working in Student Affairs?

Working in Student Life is great for me, because I get to watch students grow over their time spent in college. Knowing my own development and what college was like for me really helps me to understand where students are coming from and where they are going. Not only is the field of student life work educational for everybody involved, but it is fun and inviting as well.

What do you like best about SVC?

SVC has a beautiful campus. Having spent a good chunk of my life living in various cities, this campus offers something different that I have not had before. Though I have not been here for that long, I know I will never get tired of waking up to a view of the mountainscape that spans around SVC.

Random fun fact about you?

You get two:

1) I have an almost embarrassing fear of spiders.

2) I used to have a bobcat named Lacota.