Campus Security and Your Local Police

The Southern Vermont College Campus Safety Office provides year-round safety for the campus community. The Director of Campus Safety is responsible for the management of the Campus Safety Office. Our officers are available 24 hours a day and, with the support of our local police department and rescue squad, will be able to assist you in any emergency. They can instantly contact the Fire Department or EMS and can also summon the police if necessary. Emergency calls should be made to 447-4001 (Campus Safety Office) or 384-1648 (Campus Safety cell phone).

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Assistant Professor and Chair Scott Stein, MS

Assistant Professor and Chair Scott Stein, MS, The Donald Everett Axinn Division of Social Sciences.
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Julianna Burnley

Julianna Burnley

She chose Biological Sciences major for its many career options. Read more about Julianna Burnley

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