It’s Time to Wonder

Posted September 1st, 2011 by Albert DeCiccio Ph.D., Provost, Southern Vermont College


It is Time to Wonder

By now or very soon, all university and college students will be enjoying their first day of classes.  At SVC, I watched many of our students going to and from classrooms, and I thought about what it was like for me to do the same some 35+ years ago. 

At that time, a professor played a song for us by a young folk singer, who went on to become quite famous.  Joni Mitchell’s “Circle Game” was the song she played.  Our professor said that she thought it was relevant to what we, as students, were about to undertake in that 1972-1973 academic year:  wonder. 

I have always been fond of that song, and I give you all a beautiful live version of it to enjoy:

You can find the lyrics online.

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