Posted September 6th, 2012 by Albert DeCiccio Ph.D., Provost, Southern Vermont College

The great Quaker educator, Parker Palmer, has written the following about community and abundance:  “Community and its abundance are always there,” Palmer explains, “free gifts of grace that sustain us.  The question is whether we will be able to perceive those gifts and receive them.”  In sharing gifts, we affirm the reality of abundance and obliterate the illusion of scarcity.

So, as we start a new academic year, I offer you this gift–a few lines from the former poet laureate, Billy Collins, and his poem “Aristotle”:

This is the beginning.
Almost anything can happen.
This is where you find
the creation of light, a fish wriggling onto land,
the first word of Paradise Lost on an empty page. . . .
This is the very beginning.

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