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Minor: Environmental Studies

Program of Study

  • Ev200  Environmental Issues

Choose one additional course with an Ev designation.
Choose three additional courses with an Ev designation or an Ns designation from the list below:

  • Ns200  Ecology
  • Ns215  Animal Behavior
  • Ns265  Botany
  • Ns240  Medical Microbiology
  • Ns290  Cellular Biology
  • Ns300  Genetics
  • Ns310  Immunology
  • Ns315  Wildlife Biology
  • Ns320  Biochemistry
  • Ns340  Molecular Biology
  • Ns410  Parasitology
  • Ns420  Mycology
  • Ns450  Comparative Zoology

Students may not use a Ns course to fulfill the Ns General Core requirement or an Environmental Studies Minor requirement.

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