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Health & Wellness

Health Services is located in Hunter Hall. This service is contracted with Southwestern Vermont Medical Center Department of Occupational Health and a registered nurse is on-site 20 hours per week for medical care. Health records are not part of the academic record; they are filed in Heath Services per protocol for confidential medical files. These health records are kept for seven years upon graduation or departure from the College. There is no charge for any on-site consultation. The following services are offered by Health Services.

Sick Visits

The RN on-site will evaluate and, when necessary, refer out to other providers. This may be to Southwestern Vermont Medical Center’s Emergency Department, Express Care or a specialty practice. When the student is referred off-site, the resulting bill is the student’s responsibility. Throat cultures can be done on-site and billed to the student’s insurance.


The State of Vermont requires all post secondary students to have 2 measles, mumps & rubella (MMR), a current tetanus, the hepatitis B series (3 vaccines), protection from varicella (chicken pox) and a meningitis vaccine after turning 16 years of age. If a student does not meet this requirement prior to arriving to SVC, these vaccines can be obtained in Health Services but need to be paid for in full at the time of administration. The seasonal flu vaccine is also available every year. The best practice is to obtain these state-required immunizations prior to arrival at SVC at your Primary Care Physician’s Office.

Immunization Notice January 2017

A Vermont state law (Sec.3 18 V.S.A 1121 (c)) was passed in 2015 requiring K-12 schools, post-secondary institutions, and child care facilities in the state of Vermont to inform all new students about the aggregated immunization rate by vaccine. We provide this at the beginning of each semester.

Currently SVC has 5 Vermont State Required Immunizations. Below are the required immunizations and the percentage of students who are immunized.

    Vermont Required Vaccines                           Percentage of SVC Students Vaccinated

                   Tetanus                                                                                              99%

                   Measles, Mumps, and Rubella                                                      99%

                   Varicella (chicken pox)                                                                   99%

                   Hepatitis B                                                                                        99%

                   Meningitis (Required for on-campus housing)                         99%

Southern Vermont College’s goal is to protect our students, our SVC community, and the communities we visit as athletes, interns, and volunteers from communicable disease.

Reproductive Health

Pregnancy tests can be obtained in Health Services for a minimal charge. Condoms are also available outside the Health Services Office.


Appointments can be made with local practitioners for a wide variety of healthcare needs such as gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopedic, dermatology or dental.

Health and Wellness Promotions

Educational presentations are provided on-site to individuals and groups. Students are encouraged to share their thoughts about programming they would like to see.


Any healthcare matter can be discussed with the nurse. Education leads to healthier life style choices which are promoted here at SVC.


Hunter Hall
Fax: 802-681-2824

Health Services Office hours are sent to all of the SVC community every 2 weeks and vary slightly. If the office is not open, please leave a voicemail message for the nurse (802-447-4355) or with Student Life (802-447-6323). The office is closed during the summer. At any time for medical emergencies always call 911 and Campus Safety.

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